Submitting a photo for photo of the week

If you send us a photograph which catches our fancy, we will publish it. Photo subjects need to be Hawaii aviation oriented. Any photo taken from an airplane qualifies, as well as photos of planes, airports, and aviation people.

When sending a photo, include your name, photographer's name (if different), the story bend the photo, and any other information you think we'd be interested in.

There are several ways to send photos, listed in preferred order:

Digital photos:
Attach a digital photo to an email sent to . This is the easiest way for us to use your photo, because the original can never get lost in shipment and we don't have to return it. We plan to publish most photos in approximately 640x480 resolution, but if this resolution just doesn't do justice to your subject, send us a higher resolution and we'll reconsider.

Scanned photos:
Have a scanner on your computer? Scan that photograph and send us the file. It is generally better to send the photo as a .bmp or .tif file rather than .jpg so that we can adjust it if necessary without quality degradation. If you are scanning a 4x5 inch snapshot, select a resolution of 150dpi or 200 dpi if scanning the whole photo, and a somewhat higher resolution if cropping the photo. Feel free to ZIP the photo if you like to conserve space. We use PC computers to put the web site together.

Mailing the photo:
Please make sure you hang onto the negative. Mail a photo between snapshot size and 8 x 10 to:
Barnstormer Books
P.O. Box 6893
Reno, Nevada 89513
A bigger photograph will allow us to capture a better scan from it. If you want the photo returned, be sure to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return.

Hope to see Hawaii through your creative eyes!