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Treasure Hunt #2

Winner: Rick Burchill
random drawing performed May 15 by Jim Lockridge

Answers were due by midnight, May 14, 2001

Second week's prize:
$50 gift certificate at Air Service Pilot Shop

You would enjoy a stroll through this pilot shop better than ever if you had a $50 gift certificate in hand. The Air Service Pilot Shop is located in the smaller off-white building on the Lagoon Drive side of the big green Air Service Hangar off Nakolo Place. Parking is almost always easy in a lot just footsteps from the front door. Here you will find a large selection of training books, logbooks, and the miscellaneous gadgets and electronic devices which make flying all that much easier. Of course the store always has several copies of Flying Hawaii on hand, so you know their buyers have an eye for quality merchandise!

Challenge was:
Here's an easier question than last week, a question whose answer can be found in both the pages of Flying Hawaii- A Pilot's Guide to the Islands, as well as in this web site. Choose one of the following four answers. More than one answer may be technically correct, but we wish to see the answer which is reproduced in the book as well as in the web page, word for word. The question regards pilots who are lost during overwater operations.

Select the correct answer, a, b, c, or d and follow the rules to submit your answer via email. Check out the prizes link for a preview of future booty.

"One of the biggest complaints voiced by controllers who have worked such emergencies is that often a pilot
a) fails to realize the seriousness of his predicament.
b) will wait until his fuel is low before calling for assistance.
c) will not follow suggestions issued by the controller.
d) becomes irritable and difficult to work with.

Answer is: b) will wait until his fuel is low before calling for assistance (Located on Page 22 of Flying Hawaii- A Pilot's Guide to the Islands and in the Planning section, Lost subsection of the web site: http://www.wecanfly.com/flyhi/planning12lost.htm ).