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Hiking the Kealia Trail
Should you get some exercise today or indulge your passion for flight? On the Kealia Trail above Oahu's Dillingham Airport you can do both at the same time.
by Peter N. Forman

Commuter Landings at Kaanapali Airstrip
This tale highlights some of the more interesting challenges of landing a Royal Hawaiian Air Service Cessna 402 at the now-closed Kaanapali Airport.
by Peter N. Forman

Kilauea Shoreline Collapses and Waterspouts
So, what happens when lava enters the sea or a chunk of newly-formed shoreline breaks loose and falls into the sea? Check it out here..
by Jay Kelley

Do you have a story about a flight or aviation experience in Hawaii you would like to share? Send a copy to flyhi@wecanfly.com and if we like it we'll publish your work right here.