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Picture of the Month

Approach to Runway 5, Kalaupapa, Molokai
, a photo by LCDR Chris J Arends
Proper airspeed on approach is critical at Kalaupapa, so you don't float excessively prior to touchdown. When large northern swells are present, the approach end for Rwy 23 gets wet from breaking waves, and it's one of the few runways in the world where surf awareness is an issue.


About Picture of the Month
Photos will be changed periodically. Previous photos will be made available in this section, as well. Have a photo of Hawaii aviation or an aerial photo of Hawaii you'd like to share? Click here for details about getting it published in this site.

Previous Pictures of the Month

Mooney over Maui's Keanai Penninsula by Peter Forman

Diamond Head by Christopher P. Becker

Arizona Memorial by Mark Moses

Seabirds by Dave Paulley

Diamond Head by Bob Morrison


John O'Toole at HNL in his Grumman


Eliot Merk and Willy Schauer offshore Molokai


Inter-Islands Airways Sikorsky S-38- Painting by Dave Paulley


Inter-Island Airways Sikorsky S-43 on takeoff roll from Kona- Painting by Dave Paulley





Chris Ferarra, Eliot Merk, and Willy Schauer relax on MKK following photo flight





Diamond Head and Waikiki, April, 2001


Sun streaks over Oahu- by Christopher P. Becker


Big Island Sunrise- Taken from the flight deck of inter-island jet enroute to Hilo.




Thirteen-year-old Billy Palumbo about to take off on his first glider lesson with veteran instructor Elmer Udd (Dillingham Airfield, February, 2001).