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Treasure Hunt #4

Answers were due by midnight, May 28, 2001

Note: At this time there is still a four-way tie for the first place prize of $500. Leaders have answered all four questions correctly so far.

Congratulations to Debbie Stanfield of Mililani, Hi. This is Debbie's first prize win in the contest. Eight individuals answered question #4 correctly. Drawing was held May 29 at 31,000 feet near Boysen Reservoir, Wyoming, and First Officer Mike Meland drew the winning entry.

Awarded prize:
One hour dual in Cessna 172 from Kona or Hilo, offered by Hawaii Flight Academy
What an opportunity to view the volcanos from above. Hawaii Flight Academy has the Big Island covered, with operations in Hilo and Kona. Use your hour of dual to get a checkout, if you wish. You might find it more enjoyable to bring one of their pilots along to act as radio operator, tour guide, and to enhance safety while touring the volcanos. The Hawaii Flight Academy pilots are a knowledgeable group.
     For volcano touring, the Hilo office is the best choice, not only because it is much closer, but also because you can see the volcano area from their ramp and ascertain the weather without wasting effort. Check out the Hawaii Flight Academy web site at: www.fly-hawaii.com

What are the GPS coordinates (lattitude and longitude) for crater Mauna Ulu, in the Kilauea Volcano Area, as listed on the www.wecanfly.com web site?

N19*21.884 W155*12.241 (where * means degrees)

Select the correct answer and follow the rules to submit your answer via email. Check out the prizes link for a preview of future booty.