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Treasure Hunt #5

Winner: Bryan Shirota of Hilo, HI
Random drawing from 10 correct answers performed June 6 by Miss Amy Foote

Answers were due by midnight, June 5, 2001

The competition for our $500 grand prize is presently being led by two individuals who have answered all five questions correctly so far.

This week's prize:
30 minute flight with Island Seaplanes
If you haven't already read our pilot profile of Pat Magie, you can do so here. Pat offers both scenic flights and instruction leading to a floatplane rating. The prize is for a scenic flight, but beware, if you try the flight you're likely gonna want to earn the rating. A Beaver on floats is used primarily for scenic flights, and instruction takes place with the float-equipped Cessna 206. You may contact Island Seaplanes at (808) 836-6273 or send an email to seaplane@lava.net.

Fifth week's Question:
The date is December 7, 1941. A female flight instructor is airborne with a student when the attack on Pearl Harbor begins. She survives the experience and lands successfully at John Rodgers Field. What is her name? You may use her last name at the time or her married name of later years. For first name, you may use her given name or her nickname.

There were actually two correct answers: Margarite Gambo (later known as "Ma" Woods) and Cornelia Fort. An interesting explanation of why there are two correct answers can be found here in our "messages" section. You may add your own comments in the messages forum to provide additional information. Give it a try.

Select the correct answer and follow the rules to submit your answer via email. Check out the prizes link for a preview of future booty.