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Treasure Hunt #6

Winner: Rick Burchill of Hauula, HI.
Random drawing from 5 correct answers performed by Erica Foote.

Answers were due by midnight, June 12, 2001

This week's prize:
Win a life vest contained within a pouch, which is held around your waist by a belt. The advantage of such a belt is that you are unlikely to get out of the plane without it, and it is quicker to inflate and provide flotation than a vest which must be put on from scratch.
     These life vests in pouches are available from Aviation Life Support, Inc. in the green Air Service Hangar at Honolulu International, phone (808) 833-5628.

Sixth week's Question:
The year is 1935. Pan American Airways has just flown its first survey flight from California to Hawaii, in preparation for beginning passenger and mail service later that year. What is the manufacturer and model number of the plane Pan American used for this first survey flight?

Sikorsky S-42. The S-42s of Pan American Airways allowed the company to iron out problems associated with long-distance, overwater travel, beginning with a first flight from Alameda (Oakland) to Pearl Harbor in April, 1935, during a flight which lasted 17 hrs. 44 minutes. These planes conducted the first survey flights because they were available to Pan Am before more capable aircraft arrived. In November, the first mail flight arrived on Oahu via Martin M-130. The Martins could carry a greater load than the S-42s, but they were no speed demons since the first M-130 flight from California to Hawaii took 21 hrs. and 20 minutes.
      Inter-Island Airways, predecessor of Hawaiian Airlines, took delivery of the first of four Sikorsky S-43s in December of 1935. Although the plane was considerably smaller than an S-42, it was still a big jump forward from the slow S-38 Sikorskys flown until that time. Since islanders were still dazzled by the achievements of the Pan Am Clippers, Inter-Island airways proudly referred to their little Sikorskys as "Baby Clippers".

Select the correct answer and follow the rules to submit your answer via email. Check out the prizes link for a preview of future booty.