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Treasure Hunt #8

Winner: Rick Burchill of Hauula, HI. Rick was one of five people to correctly answer the question.

At present, there are two individuals who have answered all questions correctly. If they both answer question #9 correctly, winner of the $500 cash grand prize will be determined by a coin toss with numerous witnesses observing.

Methodology used: The fact that two individuals have won five of the last eight prizes requires an explanation of the random selection methodology used. I (Peter Forman) determine the individuals with correct answers and then write the names on slips of paper. These are shuffled and then used to determine the order in which I list the names in an email which I send to my sister's house. I then ask for one of my nieces to speak with me, and I ask her to select a number between one and five, one and seven, etc., depending upon number of correct answers. Moments before she selects the correct answer, I send the email to their address for confirmation. Their computer is seldom on, and I feel confident that the process proceeds without mischief. The nieces then are asked to check my web site and ensure that I have awarded the prize to the individual they selected by random number.

Answers were due by midnight, June 26, 2001

This week's prize:
Win a 40 minute aerobatic flight from Acroflight with Clint Churchill in his Extra 300L. You may have witnessed some of the incredible aerial feats that Clint performs in this plane by watching one of his air shows. Now discover what a lomchevok feels like from inside the plane by flying along.
     You know the flight is going to be out of the ordinary right from the first. The Extra accelerates on takeoff so quickly that it has reached flying speed in just a few seconds. Up you go, climbing like an F-15 and enjoying fighter pilot visibility through the huge canopy. Aileron rolls? They're done as quickly as you can imagine or as slowly and gracefully as you please. Loops? With a higher entry speed, they're slower and more graceful than most light plane loops. Lomchevoks and the works? Hang onto your hat!
     As their advertisement says, "This in not for the weak-kneed". If you have a desire to see amazing aerobatics, though, you'll love the flight.

Week #8's Question:
In 1930, air race pilot Benny Howard surprised the world with a stunning racing performance in his tiny airplane "Pete". Over the years, Howard and Gordon Isreal built a number of famous racing planes including "Ike", "Mike", and "Mr. Mulligan". All of these planes had numeric designations beginning with the letters "DGA". Later, the Howard Aircraft Company produced a number of civilian planes including a rugged Howard DGA-15 which was flown for years from Honolulu by Mr. Wally Waterhouse. Your question is what do the initials "DGA" stand for in Howard airplanes?

The Answer:
DGA stands for "Damn Good Airplane(s)"

Select the correct answer and follow the rules to submit your answer via email. Check out the prizes link for a preview of future booty.