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Treasure Hunt #9

Winner: Debbie Stanfield of Mililani, HI. Debbie was one of four contestants to correctly answer the question.

Answers were due by midnight, July 3, 2001

Week 9's prize:
Win a 40 minute flight in an open-cockpit biplane. Stearman Bi-plane Rides offers one of the the most unique flights available anywhere. Retrace one of the attack routes followed by Japanese aircraft on December 7, 1941. View Pearl Harbor from this unique perspective then return for a soft landing at northern Oahu's Dillingham Airfield.
     The plane is equipped with dual controls, and if you wish some stick time along the way, the pilots are usually willing.

Week 9's Question:
The three letter designator for the Maui VOR is OGG. How did these particular three letters get chosen to represent Maui's navaid?

Answer: The navaid took the last three initials of the last name of B.J. "Jimmy" Hogg. Jimmy Hogg was a young man when he became a "mate" at Inter-Island Airways, predecessor of today's Hawaiian Air. A mate was a jack-of-all-trades. He flew copilot on the S-38 Sikorskys, helped with baggage on out-islands, and if the mechanics needed to change an engine, he stayed after flying to assist.
      Years later, when the federal government installed electronic navigation aids in the islands, Jim Hogg assisted in the effort at Maui. He was honored with having the navaid named after him. Jim was asked if he wanted HOG or OGG to be the designation, and he (thankfully) selected the latter. Jim Hogg retired from Hawaiian Air as a DC-9 captain, thus participating in the airline's growth from S-38 Sikorskys to the jet age.

Select the correct answer and follow the rules to submit your answer via email. Check out the prizes link for a preview of future booty.