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Recommended Time of Day for Flights
Some hours of the day are better than others for inter-island flights. On days when light Kona winds are forecast, the mornings usually provide better flying weather than afternoons. However, on days with trade wind conditions, you will often find fewer showers enroute if you avoid an early morning flight and fly instead during the middle of the day.
      Weather is not the only factor to be considered. Whenever you fly a single-engine plane between islands, keep in mind that there is always a slight chance the engine will fail and a ditching will become necessary. You should allow yourself at least one hour to be spotted in the water and another hour to be rescued. Thus, it makes a great amount of sense to arrive at your destination at least two hours before sunset. Search and rescue operations can seldom be successfully conducted in the dark, and you and your raft could drift great distances before sunrise of the next day.


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