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Techniques to Brush Up On
Most visiting pilots could stand to brush up their skills in a couple of areas before beginning an inter-island touring flight. Because of the relatively strong winds that usually blow in Hawaii, the ability to use crosswind taxiing techniques is a must. Besides knowing where to place your controls while taxiing, you can also help avoid a tipover by remembering to taxi slowly. Most planes upset during taxi are those proceeding downwind at a higher than normal speed at the time a turn is attempted.
      If time permits, you may also want to work on improving your abilities as a tour guide. Your audience may only consist of three passengers in a plane, but they'll certainly appreciate your efforts. Learn your material. Instead of just reading in Flying Hawaii about the sights you'll encounter during your flight, study the book. Memorize the names of volcanoes, waterfalls, and historical sites along your route. If you put enough time into your preparations, you can sound like an old-timer as you describe the sights.

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