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Figuring Trip Costs
The cost of an inter-island flight in a light plane is small when compared to the expense of an entire Hawaiian vacation, yet a light plane flight will likely be the most memorable experience of your visit to Hawaii.
      Figure the cost of using a light plane in two parts: The cost of the checkout, and the cost of the flight itself. Plan on spending the equivalent of one hour of dual time if your checkout takes place at Honolulu International, and a somewhat shorter amount of time if done on a neighbor island. Some FBOs require short cross-country flights in their checkout process.
       Flight time for trips will vary greatly, depending upon the route chosen. A flight around the island of Oahu will take about 1.5 hours, and a flight from Honolulu to the island of Hawaii, around that island, and then back to Honolulu will require over 5 hours.


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