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Cruising Altitudes Below 3,000 Feet
The majority of light plane flying in Hawaii takes place at altitudes of 3000 feet and below. Federal aviation regulations do not designate cruising altitudes for planes flying this low, so instead the pilots of Hawaii have agreed upon their own rule to govern Cruising altitudes at or below 3000 feet MSL. The rule is as follows:

Westbound flightsó 1000, 2000, or 3000 feet MSL
Eastbound flightsó 500, 1500, or 2500 feet MSL

This cruising rule is observed by virtually all light planes flying in Hawaii (Fig. 3-2). There is an easy way to remember the cruising altitude rule. The lowest VFR cruising altitude by the FAA's rules is 3500 feet for eastbound flights. Work backwards in 500 foot increments from this altitude while alternating direction of flight and you'll have Hawaii's rule (3000 feet westbound, 2500 feet eastbound, 2000 feet westbound, etc.).


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