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North Shores Vs. South Shores
Should your route of flight proceed north or south of enroute islands? When making your decision, consider these three factors: scenery, rain showers, and turbulence. On the point of scenery, a flight along the north shores wins the contest easily. Trade winds bring much more rain to the northern sides of islands, and the rains are necessary for sustaining lush, tropical greenery. However, north shore showers can become a problem on days when especially moist air is brought in by the trade winds. On such days a flight along the southern shores of islands will give you the best chance of continuing your flight while remaining VFR. Turbulence can be avoided by flying on whichever side of the islands the wind is coming from.
      When all three factors are considered, your best bet for a touring flight on a typical trade wind day would be to fly your first leg along the north shores to take advantage of the smooth air and fine scenery. If rain showers prevent your trip along the north shore of an island, continue your trip along the south shore of that island and try to view its northern shore on your return trip.


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